Why I am Vegan . . .


First, let me say, I am a vegan who loves food.  I love steak, cubed steak, seafood, macaroni and cheese, chicken and dumplings and all sorts of other non vegan dishes.  I am a vegan not because I do not love these foods.  On a regular basis, whether it is at a restaurant, an event where there is food, or from a friend or family member I am asked why are you a vegan?  Typically asked with skepticism and incredulity, like:  “You’re a vegan?  Really?  Why would anyone do that?”  It is also followed by interesting questions like:  “Isn’t that boring?”  (Nope.) “What about Oreos?”  (Oreos are vegan, by the way.)  “Can you still have chocolate?”  (Yes, wonderful dark chocolate.)  “How can you live without cheese?”  (I don’t.  Thank God there are vegan cheeses.)  Let me assure you that I love cheese and chocolate as much as the next person, but, for me, I am compelled to live life as a vegan on many levels.

The first reason is I tend to make healthier life decisions as a vegan.  When you are not eating dairy, eggs, or meat, it kind of funnels you to healthier choices.  I have a family history of high cholesterol.  I was already seeing evidence of that in my own life.  So I started to modify what I ate, to work toward getting to a healthy weight and adding regular exercise as a way of life.  I now get my protein and calcium from plant based sources.  And I am sure to get B-12 through vitamins and in my unsweetened almond milk.

Another reason I have chosen to live as a vegan is environmentally grounded.  It is one of the best things we can do to make a difference in the environment.  One of the single greatest contributions to greenhouse gas emissions is the animals we raise for consumption.  It is also because of this hyper consumption of animals that more and more rain forests are being destroyed to make space to raise more animals for us to eat.  It takes a lot less energy to raise crops.  Choosing to live as a vegan is an even greater environmental move than choosing to drive a hybrid.  Even choosing to go one day a week without meat makes a huge difference.

A huge reason that I am choosing to live as a vegan is both ethical and theological.  I am appalled at how the food industry has changed so much over the last 50 years.  In an endeavor to meet the high demands of overconsumption of meat, a lot of shady and horrific stuff is going down.  The way chickens, cows, and pigs are being treated is an abomination.  And when I say chickens, I am also referring to the ones that lay eggs.  And when I say cows, I am also referring to the ones that provide us milk.  I am typically asked what harm is it to get milk from cows or eggs from chickens.  Well if you are buying organic, it is definitely a better life for the chickens and the cow.  Or if you happen to have your own chickens or cow or are friends with someone who gives you eggs and milk from their own cow or chickens, this is a different story.  But most chickens who lay eggs and most cows who give us milk, are not treated as you would hope.  As for me, financially it is a challenge to always buy organic dairy.  Therefore, I have chosen to abstain.  Furthermore, it is way better for my health not to be consuming dairy.  Humans are the only animal who a) consumes milk after we are no longer infants and b) drinks milk from another animal.  Health speaking, that milk that cows produce for their calves is meant to build those calves up very fast.  Milk does not really do a body good as the slogan leads us to believe.  And because of pollution, it is becoming even more and more dodgy to consume seafood. Even as a child, I already had a high sensitivity to the dignity of all life.  Even if animals are treated with dignity, it is still hard, personally, for me to eat them.  We were told to care for the animals.  In them is life.  Living as a vegan helps me to feel at peace with the world around me.

No, I am not asking everyone to “convert” to veganism.  I will not be coming around knocking on your door, trying to convince you to change your life to be a vegan.  Nor am I condemning the rest of the world for how it eats.  Nor am I a vegan nazi who makes everyone else’s life around me miserable.  When at restaurants I do the best I can without making the server, chef, or my table companions crazy.  Living as a vegan makes me not only at peace with the world in which I live and in harmony, I holistically feel better.  (This may sound all hippy-dippy-trippy.)  Yet I truly feel healthier.  I feel a sense of shalom, of overall well-being.  I feel like I am making a difference environmentally and ethically speaking.  Living as a vegan is a life choice I have made and continue to choose to make each and every day.  A fringe benefit to adopting this vegan lifestyle (for over 100 days, now), is that I have lost over 13 pounds.

No, living as a vegan is not boring.  Actually, it is an adventure.  I am learning how to veganize the foods and things that I love.  I am thinking not only about where my food comes but also my clothing and shoes and other products that I regularly use.  This vegan lifestyle is starting to truly be holistic.  It also helps me to make healthier choices on a regular basis.  Daiya Cheese and other homemade vegan cheeses that I have experienced in restaurants have helped me to not have to live without cheese or to go through cheese withdrawal.  These cheeses are treats, though, not everyday occurrences.  Extra firm tofu has a beautiful way of mimicking eggs in thinks like scrambles, fried rice, and “egg” salad.  Ener-G (an egg replacer made of tapioca starch and potato starch) has a way of mimicking eggs in baking.  Ener-G is found in the non perishable section of certain grocery stores and health food stores.  Applesauce can also sometimes be used in baking.  The things one can do with silken tofu to mimic sour cream and pudding are amazing.  The invention of Earth Balance (vegan butter) and Vegenaise (Vegan mayonnaise) are life savers.   Nutritional Yeast Flakes work well in making things like vegan queso dip.  And there is a myriad of faux meats out there if I am really Jones-ing.  My favorites are pulled “pork” and chick’n scaloppini.  Yet I have come to, once again, really appreciate the flavors of vegetables.  To taste once again how amazing a baked potato is with just a little salt and pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice.  Do not get me wrong, I do use the pre-made vegan meats when I real am craving, but for the most part I choose not to make over processed foods a staple in my life  For those of you who have wondered or asked.  Here is a response to why I keep choosing to live as a vegan.

For more on the vegan lifestyle and what compelled me to live this way, I recommend books like The Kind Diet by Alicia SIlverstone, the documentary Food, INC., Skinny Bitch (sorry for the crass title) by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin, and Quantum Wellness by Kathy Freston, to name a few.


About Living Well

I am a vegan who loves food and loves life. Why am I vegan? Vegan living seemed to be a holistic way to live. Choosing to live as a vegan is helping me to live more environmentally conscious, more ethically, and more healthy. That said, I still wanted to be able to have foods that I loved. This site will be a place that I share ideas on living well and share vegan recipes. Some recipes are naturally vegan; other recipes I will take and veganize them. My influences in cooking are from my Granny (who is now 96 years old) who taught me how to make homemade buttermilk biscuits, syrup cookies, okra, and other southern comfort favorites; my mom, who knows how to host, and from living in places like London, Spain, and Costa Rica. When I am not cooking I am a professional artist. Cooking is just one more way I get to be creative. May these recipes inspire you, and may they always be delicious! P.S. If you want to check out my art, you can visit my website at: www.GraceWorksStudio.org.

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